Optima Services is a philosophy, which is implemented throughout all the operational aspects of our residence. The application of this philosophy insures that the same high level of service is consistently maintained throughout the facility. We define this philosophy by five key points:

1. Commitment To Caring
2. Positive Lifestyle
3. Promoting Independent Living
4. Dynamic Approach To Care
5. Hospitality versus Institutional based 

Commitment To Caring

Our commitment to caring is reflected in all aspects of our company. Every decision is carefully considered in regards to the effect it will have on the level of care that we offer in our residences. One of the most important elements of this approach is our management team and resident staff.

We’ve assembled a management team that is highly motivated and committed to providing the finest level of care possible. They are responsible for the daily operations of all our residences insuring that the facilities run efficiently and at the highest standards. Our management team is constantly improving the level of care and services provided, with much of this effort being directed towards the training and motivation of our extremely capable staff.

At the residence level you will find responsible, professional, and thoughtful staff whose focus is firmly on the residents and their care. These individuals not only understand the importance of the entire facility running properly, but also the need to build strong personal relationships with the residents. 

We appreciate the trust that our residents and their families have placed in us, a trust, which can only be repaid by our commitment to caring.

Positive Lifestyle

Positive Living is a multi faceted approach to health and wellness, which involves Nutrition, Fitness and Active Living, Intellectual Wellness, and Socialization.

At Beach Arms Retirement Residence we know through our years of experience in caring for the aged that high quality retirement care involves more than just providing residences. Our nutrition programs provide our residents with meals that are both delicious and extremely healthy.

We provide numerous fitness and physiotherapy programs to our residents. We’ve come to recognize that fitness and active living increases ones ability to deal with disease and the effects of aging. Seniors, who take part in fitness programs while leading active lives in the community are healthier, live longer and avoid chronic depression.

In addition to addressing the physical needs of our residents we also acknowledge that part of maintaining a healthy life-style requires maintaining a healthy mind. We cultivate the minds of our residents through numerous activities and excursions.

Socialization completes the Positive Living approach to health and wellness. By encouraging our seniors to interact with other; individuals that share in their beliefs and life-style a sense of community is established. Our seniors establish new relationships and see themselves as part of a larger family. These two concepts are important in reducing the sense of isolation that many seniors face. Individuals who see the importance of friends and the impact they have on the lives of others live longer, healthier lives.

Promoting Independent Living

At Beach Arms Retirement Residence we promote the concept of independent living. Independent living provides seniors with all the amenities and security that comes with retirement residences, but with the freedoms that are typically enjoyed in private homes.

Our residents are encouraged to lead active life-styles, which includes their involvement with other residents, and the community in which they live. We understand the importance of this and the impact it has on health and wellness. Residents, who are active, and stimulated, while believing in their own independence are both healthier and happier. Under Liberty Optima Services we provide numerous activities which are directed at both the mind and the body. These programs are specifically tailored to the individual taking into account the physical and mental health of each resident.

Dynamic Approach To Care

Beach Arms Retirement Residence acknowledges that our business is constantly evolving. We understand the need to review our policies and procedures in order to address these changes. Ours is a company, which is extremely dynamic in its approach to senior care.

We update and implement new procedures to reflect the demands that an ever-changing senior’s population places upon us. From new approaches, to administering care, to innovative facility design, we are constantly evolving our business model to benefit our residents.

This dynamic approach insures that our residents will always benefit from new and innovative approaches to retirement living. 

Hospitality Versus Institutional Based Residences

Unlike many retirement residences that employ an institutionalized approach to resident care, Beach Arms Retirement Residence believes strongly in a service-based approach, one, which is modeled on the hospitality industry.

All of our facilities are carefully designed to compliment the communities in which they exist. We pay special attention to architectural elements, finishes, and landscaping to make our residences warm and inviting. Common spaces are thoughtfully designed to provide our residents with comfortable, yet functional environments. These spaces include lounges, libraries, games, crafts, and exercise areas, along with quiet spaces to reflect or converse with friends. 

Suites within are residences are bright, modern, and spacious, with private bathrooms, and individual environmental controls. All rooms are equipped with numerous safety features including emergency pull stations and smoke detectors. We further encourage our residents to personalize their rooms with furnishings, pictures, and personal mementos.

We offer a wide selection of menu choices that are both appetizing and nutritious. Certain facilities also offer room service on a twenty-four hour basis. Again, food services are based upon a hospitality model with only the finest and freshest ingredients being used. Presentation is of the highest level with meals being served in warm and inviting dining rooms.



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